All you need to know about KeFigo Fashion Accessories and the Sash with pockets.


As time flew, I became more and more attracted to Asian jewelry, especially with the spiritual meanings associated to them. I took a leap of faith and started to create my own hand-made jewelry. I enjoy handpicking each stone, beads and findings. It is exciting and fun to individually bring them together to a unique jewelry piece.  Some vintage items I discover in flea markets and others I find at the Jade market. I’m personally interested in what each of them symbolizes. Whether it is the Green Aventurine crystal for calm and restful energy or the Rose Quartz crystal for unconditional love, I believe each stone lends the jewelry a spiritual meaning.


Being encouraged by family and friends, I then expanded my collection to include fancy and sporty handbags, caps and backpacks. I like designing each of them.


I started with the design of the KeFigo Sash (Sash with pockets) because I thought it was time for something new. Why not something different to one’s existing bags, backpacks and/or pouches? I always had a vision of a cool and futuristic accessory and was so happy to have finally materialized this vision. It now sells well in Hong Kong and in North America.


I’m Italian, born and raised in Switzerland. I live in Hong Kong since 2008 and I’m a mom of 2 lovely children.


Rosa Maria Cheng about KeFigo Fashion Accessories and the Sash with pockets

Ciao! I always felt that dressing up well is an important part of daily life. Fashion is a lifestyle culturally anchored in society and a way of making a good impression. In Italy we say: “fare una bella figura”. It has given me great pleasure to create affordable fashion accessories for you and I hope you will find joy in them.

Rosa Maria Cheng-Mazzeo


“Ke Figo” originates from the Italian expression che figo and is an expression of surprise. It is commonly used to express one’s delight and excitement for something trendy, fashionable or stylish. Also, it can be a spontaneous expression of a cool, fun and attractive person.


Beautiful. Cool. Good-looking. This is a description of my products and how customers should feel.


The Sash with pockets can be purchased in our Etsy store or here on this website.